Akintoye Orders ‘Yoruba Nation’ Agitators To Organize Rallies Across South West

Leader of the Ilana Omo Odua, Emeritus Prof. Banji Akintoye, has called on all Yoruba self-determination groups affiliated to his group to henceforth begin rallies every weekend.

He said the purpose of the rallies was to educate more people about the readiness of the Yoruba people to be a separate nation from Nigeria.

Akintoye said this in a statement on Sunday by the Media and Communications Secretary of the group, Mr Maxwell Adeleye.

Yoruba agitators had on Saturday staged a rally in Abeokuta despite the warning issued by the police against such a rally.

The police reportedly arrested 11 members of the group but that still did not stop them from continuing with their agitation.

The statement read, “All our affiliated groups are advised to now start organising rallies and road shows in all states in Yorubaland every weekend to educate our people on the danger associated with the continuous stay of the Yoruba people in Nigeria.

“Let me now say very expressly that it is about the rallies that the Yoruba people must hold round and round our Yoruba homeland from now on to promote our self-determination struggle.

“However, let me warn that all our people should note that each rally must be conscientiously peaceful, lawful and orderly.”

Akintoye added that the agitation for Yoruba self-determination cannot be stopped either by the police or anybody.

He stated that no intimidation or clampdown would make them to stop the agitaion for self-determination

He said,

“I want to advise the Nigerian State that the Yoruba self-determination struggle under my leadership shall continue to be peaceful and orderly.

” Therefore, threatening us, or attempting to subjugate our rights to self-determination and peaceful assembly are cowardly.

“We are marching on, and like valiant soldiers without a dint of fear. I make bold to put it to the Nigerian state that no one can stop an idea whose time has come.”

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