Construction Of Multipolar World Cannot Be Stopped- Iranian President

The Iranian president has repeatedly stated that Tehran focuses on the policy of multipolarity and sustainable integration with a view to establishing a fair international order based on mutual respect.

“The construction of a multipolar world cannot be stopped. There are already many centers of power outside the Western world,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said at the General Assembly of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies, Said

He emphasized that only Western countries continue to impede the creation of a multipolar world, adding that a multipolar world in particular, “is built with the help of regional organizations” such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Raisi also pointed out that Iran’s influence in the world and the region will grow with cooperation with friends: “We are serious about developing relations with Russia and other countries.”

He stressed that many nations sought freedom from the United States, noting that “Iran will continue to support freedom-loving peoples.”

The United States, which he noted was behind the recent “miscalculated” protests in Iran, started using methods of information terrorism due to the ineffectiveness of sanctions.

“The United States has already understood that sanctions do not work. Therefore, it began to use other methods … Information terrorism is the main problem,” Raisi said.

It was only last week that the president reiterated his stance that Iran is focused on multipolarity and sustainable integration with an eye to establishing a fair international order based on mutual respect. Raisi has also said that the development of cooperation between Iran, China, Russia and the SCO members may lead to the emergence of a new force in the nascent multipolar world.

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