CSP Erhabor: ‘I Wasted 30Yrs Serving My Fatherland’ – Nigerian Policeman Who Rejected N864m Bribe Resigns

A senior officer who felt cheated by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has reportedly tendered his resignation from the Force, saying “I have wasted 30 years serving my fatherland”.

Francis Erhabor, whose last rank in the Force was Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), reportedly resigned after his juniors were repeatedly promoted over him.

Premium Times reports that Erhabor was the beneficiary of a recent award for “Police officer of the year”, which he received after reportedly rejecting a whopping N864 million bribe while in service.

“I have witnessed my juniors get promoted over me over and over again, and it hurts deeply. I filed a complaint, asked for ratification of my promotion date, and was even investigated, with the outcome verified in my favour, yet nothing has been done to remedy the situation,” Erhabor was quoted to have said, adding that, “I have wasted 30 years serving my fatherland.”

The report further quoted the former police officer as saying, “This profession I once called a noble one, doesn’t care about those of us who tread the path of honour and dignity.

“I once had a dream about the Nigeria Police Force becoming the people’s force, the country’s pride.

“So sad, I no longer believe in the system as a noble one, but one were mediocrity, nepotism, and all other ignoble acts are given higher preference,” the officer was quoted as saying.

“I am sorry I let all my fans down. I am deeply sorry for not finishing where you all expected me to finish. Thanks for your strong and relentless faith in me. I remain forever grateful to you all,” said Erhabor who had joined the force as a cadet inspector in 1990.

September, 2020, that Erhabor was among the beneficiaries of an award programme organized by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC). 

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