‘Eight Is Enough’ Child Star, Adam Rich Found Dead At Home Aged 54

Adam Rich, who starred as the youngest son on the popular family drama series ‘Eight Is Enough’, has died at age 54.

A family member revealed that the former actor had died at his home on Saturday, according to a report by gossip site, TMZ.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that police visited Rich’s home and found him dead.

The family member did not reveal his cause of death, but police sources said it did not appear to be foul play. 

Adam had starred in a number of films throughout his career, which began after he was cast in the late 1970s ABC sitcom, Eight Is Enough, as Nicholas Bradford, when he was just eight years old. 

The series, which aired for a total of five seasons, had followed the premise of, ‘a family with eight very independent children,’   

Following the show, he additionally made appearances in Code Red, which lasted for one season, and was a voice actor for Dungeons And Dragons. He also worked on the 1997 film, The City. 

However, the talented star stepped away from Hollywood and the entertainment industry in the ’80s and opted for a more private life.

One of the actor’s last credits included the 2003 comedy, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, where he played himself in the film. 

Adam was also reportedly linked to substance abuse, which led to an arrest in 1991, after he broke a pharmacy window in order to steal drugs, reported TV Line. 

Dick Van Patten, who played the role of his father Tom Bradford, in Eight Is Enough, had bailed him out following the arrest. 

The following year in 1992, the late actor had checked himself into a drug rehabilitation program. He was later reportedly arrested in 2002 for a DUI, but denied the charges, according to CBS News. ‘I’ve been sober for 10 years,’ he had stated at the time. 

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