Man Who Gave Woman ‘Incurable STD’ By Washing His Penis In Water Bottle Had 13 More Victims

More than two people stepped forward to accuse an office janitor of giving them STDs after he was caught on video dipping his penis into a staff member’s water bottle, thereby giving her an “incurable disease”.

A woman initially claimed she was left with an incurable STD after a janitor peed in her water bottle while she was at work, a court in the United States has heard

After she came out with her story and video evidence, other people said they suspected the janitor had peed in their water bottle too and they went for tests.

Investigators have since revealed that a total of 13 further women say they are victims of Diaz and his diseases.

During a court hearing, Diaz was granted a £66,000 ($75,000) bond after he was charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Both initial charges are related to the same woman, an unnamed 54-year-old who spoke of the disturbing case.

She claims that Diaz gave her a sexually transmitted disease after she drank his urine from her water bottle, with a camera on her desk catching the janitor in the act.

Records reported from the area show that Diaz has lived in Houston, United States for 22 years and is a father to seven children with his wife.

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