Mystery British Businessman Bets $5million on Donald Trump Winning the US Presidential Election

An unnamed British former-banker has bet $5million on Donald Trump winning the US presidential election ahead of Joe Biden.

Betting insiders believe the businessman’s enormous $5million pledge is the biggest number ever wagered in politics. 

The British financier who is based overseas and whose name has not been released placed his bet with private bookmaker in Curacao in the Caribbean after speaking to ‘Trump camp insiders’

President Trump is running against Democrat Joe Biden in tomorrow’s election – and polls are suggesting it will be a nail-biting finish. 

If the unnamed British businessman’s bet is successful, however, he could walk away with almost $15million or £11.6million.

A source from the gambling industry told The Sun:

‘Word of this bet has done the rounds and we think it’s the biggest ever made on politics.’

Three in four of all bets put forward in the last week of voting has been for President Trump, bookmaker Ladbrokes revealed.

Ladbrokes’ Jessica O’Reilly said: ‘Biden looks home and hosed according to the bookies and pollsters, but even at the eleventh hour punters are continuing to back Trump at the odds on offer.’ 

But not everyone is so confident in that outcome. Another Briton today put £1million on bookies-favorite Biden winning and is set to take away £1.5million if he’s right.

People were still rushing to place bets on the eve of Tuesday’s election and Matthew Shaddick, Head of Politics Betting at Ladbrokes Coral Group, said it estimated about one billion pounds would be wagered globally across the industry.

UK-based internet Bet fair Exchange said it also saw Trump’s odds improve on the same level. 

Most of the big-money betting occurs outside the United States as betting on politics is illegal there.

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  1. American election cannot be ignored by all countries especially Nigeria,their policies affect the whole world either positively or negatively because they are the most powerful country in the world. My prayer is that let the perfect will of God be done concerning their election because the will of God is better than that of man.