Nigeria: Tinubu Passionate About Rebranding Nigeria: Information Minister

Information minister Mohammed Idris has called on Nigerians to imbibe value reorientation and patriotism to enhance the unity and progress of the country.

“We have reached a level where Nigerians don’t believe in what their leaders tell them,” the information minister said. 

Idris added, “So, the starting point for me is to restore that confidence, especially in government communication. And that can be achieved once you are honest, truthful, and patriotic in the cause for a better Nigeria.”

He stressed the “need to believe in the country that we have.” 

Idris made the call when he visited Voice of Nigeria’s headquarters on a working visit on Wednesday October 11, in Abuja.

The minister said, “It was not for nothing that Mr. Bola Tinubu renamed the Ministry to Information and National Orientation,” adding that the National Orientation had given the ministry a new mandate.

“With that, the ministry has a new mandate, which is to tell Nigerians that we need to now recover and dedicate ourselves to a nation that we all desire. You will agree with me that value orientation and patriotism among Nigerians is at its lowest,” Idris explained.

He added, “The president is passionate about rebranding Nigeria, and the rebranding needs value reorientation. So, the mandate is to ensure there is value reorientation. 

“National orientation is at the heart of the ministry, and we need to start with the platforms under the ministry. I also think our diversity should be used positively for progress and development.”

“the availability of honest and credible information is the bedrock of any united and peaceful society”. 

He added that “over the years, the people’s trust and confidence had gradually eroded, especially for leaders and those in government.”

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