Over 100 Parasitic Worms Removed from Man’s Stomach in Thanh Hoa (Video)

A man with a painful grumbling in his stomach quickly learned more than 100 worms had set up shop in his body, and had to be surgically removed.

On December 21 the doctors removed worms from a man’s abdomen in the Vietnamese city of Thanh Hoa, where reports say a man wandered into a hospital with complaints of incessant stomach pain.

A doctor checked diagnosed and discovered his stomach resembled a live bait shop — it was basically worm city in there!

Then sent him to the operating room immediately for surgery the surgery was recorded.

The doctor and his team literally fished out more than 100 parasitic worms — which had apparently started with just one that laid a bunch of eggs. Word is … the medical team chalked the infestation up to poor eating habits. 

Watch the video below.

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